Being selfish is necessary for growth.

To be able to give we must first be able to receive!

From the instant we’re born, we receive our first breath, our first drink of milk and our first experience of human love and affection.

So goes the pattern of life. Like night follows day, like wet follows dry and like sweet follows sour – giving and receiving is delicate balance of Yin and Yang.

Sometimes though, this balance goes astray and we can find ourselves out of kilter.

This is especially so for busy business owners who have to give a lot, perhaps even everything to make their business a success.

You have to do it all!! Selling, accounting, marketing, managing, ordering, networking, creating, planning, financing, juggling and fire fighting!

Add to that the sheer drive, determination and energy you have to give – not only to your business but also to all those involved in it from customers to suppliers and staff.

Phew!! No wonder running a business is one of the most challenging yet equally, rewarding things anyone can do!

That’s why receiving is important. Receiving help, receiving advice and receiving time for you to be you and not always the 24/7 business person you feel you’ve become!

You see there is a limit to what anyone has to give. And as soon as we give too much, the pendulum swings the other way and forces us to receive – either through exhaustion or even ill health.

So being {a bit} selfish is a good thing!   It is part of the natural harmony of things and why as humans we always crave “me” time.

Now, I not saying go out and become utterly selfish in a narcissistic and self-promoting way. Turn to social media for that! But take some time for you and move forward in a less busy and even chaotic way.

The best investment you will ever make is in yourself!

To quote entrepreneur and inspirational leader, the late Jim Rohn “The major value in life is not what you get. The major value in life is what you become!“

Also, too often self-development is put at the bottom of the list when it should be at the very top.

Truly developing yourself to be the person you want to be, should really be the main course, not the Hors d’oeuvres!

The same applies to the people in your business. Employing staff is one of the biggest costs in business yet by comparison, little investment is made in training and developing staff – especially in small and medium sized companies where time and budgets are tight (*Average training spend per UK employee £1,068 per annum)

In turn, think how much is paid out by businesses in professional fees and services such as annual maintenance contracts for ICT systems, accountancy, HR and other professional services.

Yet the return on investment in training and development is clear! Research by Oxford Economics calculates that the average cost of replacing a departing member of staff is £30,614

Add to that increased productivity, increased morale, business growth, reduced recruitment costs, the ability to attract better talent and less staff turnover – the benefits in the development of yourself and others are profound.

Of course there is never enough time! That’s why you have to make time. Even setting aside just one hour a week to work on yourself and support team members can make a huge difference.

So, by working with a professional coach you can leverage this “you” time to really make the business work for you leading to more profits and ultimately less stress.

Research by Gartner (formally CEB Global) found that just three hours of coaching a month boosts revenue by 25%!

A good coach can also help you with the development of your staff either by coaching you in effective leadership and management – or by coaching your staff directly.

Either way, it means you can be more selfish and ready to receive the rewards you richly deserve.

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